Mission, Vision, and Values

TorchStar Education, Inc.  is rooted in core beliefs that grow from deep experience with and strong commitment to higher education.


TorchStar Education exists to help universities improve access, enrollment, and student success. Our mission is to illuminate student perspectives,

integrate answers to both “what” and “why” questions, and use research insights to drive innovative action. We also publish research findings to contribute to the body of knowledge and to help the higher-education community more broadly.



Every student understood and positioned for success.

Every client operating at peak efficiency and effectiveness.

Every team member empowered and contributing to success.


  • Passion for Education. We share a passion for the transformative power of education. We are in this work to help more students succeed in higher education and in life.

  • Partnerships. We view clients as long-term partners and ourselves as part of a collaborative team.

  • Integrity. We work with the intention of adding value and helping our university clients improve their outcomes. We are committed to providing our clients with objective insights.

  • Creativity. We value creativity in innovating new products for clients, supporting the entrepreneurial drive of our team, and creating new insights through research

  • Academic Tradition. We understand and respect the academic tradition. We work to build solutions that work in the realities of the academic culture and strive to contribute research to the academic body of knowledge.

  • Smart Frugality. We embrace and celebrate our frugal nature. We value smart, cost-effective strategies to deliver our services so that savings can be passed on to our clients.