Parent/Family Insights and Experiences (PIE)

As parents and families are increasingly engaged in their students’ experience, they are playing a larger role throughout the student life cycle with implications on recruitment, retention, and student success.


TorchStar Education has developed a proven multi-step process designed specifically for campuses looking to positively adapt to change, effectively communicate, strategically improve programs, and proactively improve resource strategies with parents and families.

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We will work with you to personalize this process for your campus.

Key steps include launching the Parent/Family Insight and Experience (“PIE”) tool to gather parent and family engagement patterns and perceptions across the student lifecycle. This provides institutions with actionable insights to move forward on critical strategic initiatives:

  • Reinforcing parents as effective partners to improve retention and student success

  • Identifying a recruitment strategy to include parents

  • Improving communication with parents

  • Developing supportive engagement strategies for families

  • Building a strategy for parent giving


The next steps for your program are specific for your campus and can include outcomes from the PIE, paired with your institutional research, to summarize environmental changes and provide a fact-based foundation for strategy.


At TorchStar, we recognize that collaboration is critical to a successful parent experience to reinforce a common vision and build consensus for change. Therefore, a complete Parent and Family action plan will result in outlining specific goals and strategies for your campus based on insight and collaboration.

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