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Use the PIE to Innovate Your Parent and Family Strategy

As parents and families are increasingly engaged in their students’ experience, they are playing a larger role throughout the student life cycle.  Parents and families invest in your university through their student.  Is your university delivering a return on that investment?

Our research shows that targeted parent and family strategies can improve recruitment, retention, student outcomes, and philanthropy. 


The PIE (Parent/Family Insights and Experiences) is a proven tool designed for campuses looking to positively adapt to change and strategically improve  parent and family engagement.  The PIE helps provides insights to:

  • Gain an advantage in recruitment 

  • Design effective parent and family programs

  • Reinforce parents as partners in student success

  • Improve communication and responsiveness

  • Anticipate and prepare for crisis

  • Build a parent giving strategy 

Read a Case Study from Our Work with Gonzaga University

We work with you to personalize this process for your campus.  At TorchStar, we recognize that collaboration is critical. Our services help you design a common vision for the future and build consensus for change. 

A comprehensive parent and family strategy improves parent perceptions of value and their advocacy for your university.

Contact TorchStar Education today to discuss how we can work with you to start your custom PIE .

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