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The UPSIDE to Strategic Planning

TorchStar Education has developed strategic plans for higher education units ranging from academic departments to university systems. We use a proven process to build on your strengths, envision your future story, and help you build the team that will turn your plans into actions.

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The TorchStar approach enables you to move from big ideas to action plans that are based on institutional data, stakeholder insights, and resource realities. We combine video meetings with on-campus work to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your planning efforts.

  • Understand the Situation - Start with your institutional data and insights from key stakeholders to gain understanding of your past, present, and potential future.

  • Prioritize Focus Areas - Identify a manageable set of priority areas to drive your planning process.

  • Set Goals - Benchmark best practices and identify metrics that will help you measure success.

  • Identify Tactics - Establish specific action areas that align with each of your focus areas.

  • Define Resources - Outline roles, responsibilities, and costs for implementing tactics.

  • Evaluate Success - Track progress on benchmarks and assess tactical implementations to ensure that they are achieving desired outcomes.

Contact TorchStar Education today to discuss how we can help you find the upside of strategic planning.

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