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Our Company

TorchStar Education was founded on the simple concept that attention to student and parent experiences can strengthen university performance.

Student needs and expectations are rapidly changing. We help you understand these changes  and facilitate necessary innovation.

We make gathering student and parent insight data easy. Our tools work to quickly shed light on your student experience and sources of value. We offer a focus on parents because we know from our research that their voice matters but is often overlooked. 

We help you integrate these stories into your case for change and design a practical roadmap for student-centered transformation.  

Our clients gain an edge in recruitment, retention, and philanthropy. 


We know change is hard in higher education.  We support all of our projects with a one-stop approach to  data analysis, project management, committee facilitation, change management, and communication planning.

We offer expertise in the following:

  • Parent and Student Insights

  • Strategic Planning

  • Organizational Design

  • Process Improvement

  • Change Management

  • Communication Strategy/ Crisis Management

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