Learn from Students Who STAY 

TorchStar Education has developed a proven tool for helping campus better understand students who stay, those who contemplate leaving but find the support they need to persist, and those who leave and return. Insights from all three of these groups can help you identify the challenges students face and the programs and services that are most effective in helping them overcome those challenges. 

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We will work with you to personalize this process for your campus.

We start by launching the STAY tool to gather actionable insights from students and then help you prioritize programs using the STAR framework:

  • Scale – low participation high impact programs can be scaled up as resources allow.

  • Target – low participation low impact programs may serve specialize populations.

  • Advance – high participation high impact programs  build on strengths.

  • Re-imagine – high participation low impact programs may no longer be meeting intended goals.


We look at the student lifecycle both holistically and granularly to help you envision specific plans for recruitment, retention, persistence, and graduation at your institution.

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